Barn Doors

New at Rockwood, slim profile barn doors are a great space-saving solution that you will love. Available in painted and stained finishes and offered in a large variety of styles, including louvered and solid designs, our slim profile doors can give your home a fresh and updated look. Perhaps the most eye-catching part is the exposed barn door hardware – too beautiful to cover up.

Double X Barn Door by Rockwood Shutters
Double X
Plank Barn Door
K Door Barn Door
K Door
Chevron Barn Door by Rockwood Shutters
Robinhood Barn Door
Mid Rail Barn Door
Mid Rail
Modern Barn Door
Ladder Barn Door
Zed Barn Door
You Name It Barn Door
You Name It
Harlow I Barn Door
Harlow I
Harlow II Barn Door
Harlow II
Harlow III Barn Door
Harlow III
Mod Squad Barn Door
Mod Squad
Valencia Barn Door
X Brace Barn Door
X Brace
Hepburn I Barn Door by Rockwood Shutters
Hepburn I
Hepburn II Barn Door by Rockwood Shutters
Hepburn II
Hepburn III Barn Door by Rockwood Shutters
Hepburn III
Hollywood Barn Door


Point of differentiation: Rockwood uses no vinyl-wrapped composite materials in our products, which may breakdown when exposed to moisture.

Wood Stained Double Barn Doors Installed by Rockwood Shutters
Chevron Style Double Barn Doors
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