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Bifold Shutters over Patio Doors in Kitchen
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French Door & Sliding Door Shutters

Sliding glass doors and French doors often present design challenges when considering window treatments. You want a beautiful solution, but functionality and quality are equally important. Custom shutters are the perfect design solution for this challenge, allowing privacy and light control and yet smooth function of the doors.

French Door Solutions:

French door shutters are custom made to fit each opening, no matter how unique the design may be. The shutter frame is attached firmly around the glass and the tight closure prevents the shutter from swinging away from the door, even when slammed. The shutter makes a clean, uncluttered addition to any door. Lever handle cut outs are customized as needed, allowing for ease of operation for the handles.

Sliding Door Solutions:

With plantation shutters for sliding glass doors, you can beautifully enhance patio doors without impeding the operation. Track options for shutters are the perfect complement. These look like custom installed plantation shutters, but glide easily along the track — without the need to install extra guides in the floor. Bypass or bi-fold options are available with a choice of standard or decorative valance to cover the track mechanism.


My new 4-1/2” louver shutters are gorgeous. We have a fabulous, sweeping view I didn’t want to lose. And we didn’t.


Wood Plantation Shutters for Glass door
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