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Stationary drapery side panels are most the popular and on-trend drapery style. These decorative but non-functioning window treatments are proportioned to add elegance without overwhelming the room with too much fabric. Drapery panels are completely customizable with choice of header styles, lining selections and embellishments.

Pinch Pleat Draperies
Pinch Pleat
Fan Pleat Draperies
Fan Pleat
Tab Top Draperies
Tab Top
Gathered Tab Top Draperies
Gathered Tab Top
Inverted Box Pleat Draperies
Inverted Box Pleat
Goblet Pleat Draperies
Goblet Pleat
Cartridge Pleat Draperies
Cartridge Pleat
Grommet Draperies
Rod Pocket Draperies
Rod Pocket


It is important to us to have someone who shows a sincere interest in us as customers AND has an enthusiasm for the products represented. Amy (Rockwood design consultant) met the above expectations exceptionally well. We chose her because of her friendly, personal caring attitude, professionalism, which was sprinkled with a great sense of humor! She has made this an enjoyable experience for us!


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