Why choose Roman Shades for your home? Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas provide an elegantly tailored modern look with beautiful soft sculpted folds. Available in a wide variety of luxurious fabrics and colors, from light filtering to room darkening. Choose from different fold styles and even horizontal or vertical orientations in the Vignette product line.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas feature consistent folds and no exposed rear cords, keeping windows uncluttered. Choose from different fold styles and sizes, and a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Hunter Douglas Solera Soft Shades

Solera® Soft Shades
Made of woven and non-woven fabrics, Hunter Douglas Solera® Soft Shades create a fluid, sculpted look. The only soft shades with cellular construction, they also lend both light-filtering and room-darkening options.


It is important to us to have someone who shows a sincere interest in us as customers AND has an enthusiasm for the products represented. Amy (Rockwood design consultant) met the above expectations exceptionally well. We chose her because of her friendly, personal caring attitude, professionalism, which was sprinkled with a great sense of humor! She has made this an enjoyable experience for us!