Drapery Design Basics

Custom draperies from Rockwood offer more than sophisticated stylings. Choose from hundreds of beautiful fabrics and personalized options all selected with the help of an experienced design professional to ensure you get the right look, the perfect fit and the desired functionality you need for a polished and pulled-together design aesthetic.


Why draperies. Draperies are one of the most visually-impactful décor statements adding appeal to any home design, providing warmth and ambiance, reflecting personal tastes and evoking feelings or moods.

Custom v. Ready Made. Ready-made drapery panels are sold many places and some are quite pricey. Perhaps the most important benefit to custom draperies is the ability to get the exact length needed for your project. Too short or too tall draperies can de-rail the desired look. Custom draperies are also lined to protect your beautiful fabrics while adding fullness and softness for a professional finish.

Factors to consider. Will your new draperies be the dramatic star of the room or subtly blend-in? Choice of header styles, patterns versus solid fabrics, and hardware will all have major impact. Do you want your windows to appear larger from the inside? With custom draperies, proper placement can create the appearance of greater height and width. Are there wall or ceiling obstructions to consider? Your Design Consultant will provide professional guidance to bring your ideas to reality.

Product Selection:

  • Decorative side panels
  • Top treatments, including board-mounted valances and cornices
  • Fabric shades
  • Custom pillows

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